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The On Farm Connectivity Program.

Apply now to claim your 50% rebate on 4G internet and Wi-Fi hardware and installations with iLogic4G+.

Funding is limited, check your eligibility and get a quote now.

Thanks for submitting!

The On Farm Connectivity Program will run over 2 years from 2023-24 to 2024-25. This program forms part of the Better Connectivity for Rural and Regional Australia Plan (Better Connectivity Plan) and assists primary producers to take advantage of digital agribusiness solutions to boost productivity and improve safety. The objectives of the program are: To extend digital connectivity and take advantage of advanced farming technology. To enhance a primary producers’ capacity to implement digital agribusiness solutions through improved connectivity. To capitalise on the agricultural sector’s potential for increased productivity and growth support access to new communications equipment by offsetting some of the cost. The program aims to: Increased investment in equipment to support operations of the agricultural sector. Increased efficiency, competitiveness, productivity and profitability of the agricultural sector. Improve safety on farms. Increased use of advanced farming technology. Improved knowledge of advanced farming technology and digital literacy. Eligible Primary Producers can only access the program through an eligible Equipment Supplier. The Australian Government has announced a total of $30 million for the On Farm Connectivity Rebate Program. For Round 1 of the grant (rebate) opportunity, $15 million is available in 2023-24, or until funding is exhausted, whichever occurs first. The grant amount will be up to 50 per cent of the cost of eligible equipment item/s listed at Appendix B of the grant opportunity guidelines. The minimum grant (rebate) amount is $3,000. The maximum grant (rebate) amount is $30,000.

Is your farm plagued by poor connectivity?

Too many Wi-Fi & 4G deadspots?
Unable to provide Wi-Fi to your workers and visitors?
Having trouble monitoring your security cameras?
Struggling to monitor the efficiency of your solar panels?
Struggling to run your office smoothly?
Can't enjoy the modern conveniences of social media and Netflix in your downtime?
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With connectivity brought to you by iLogic4G+ and Australia's own 4G network, you can future-proof your farm.

On Farm Connectivity 814x418 (1).png
Get internet through the 4G network from towers up to 50km away.
Beam Wi-Fi throughout your property, to multiple buildings and large outdoor spaces.
Easily adopt new technologies that require internet & Wi-Fi connectivity.
Manage your office without the frustration of the 'spinning wheel'.

"Internet on farms is like Wi-Fi for crops – it's the signal that turns fields into smart, savvy spaces. Connecting tractors to tweets and seeds to spreadsheets, it's the tech boost that's making farming not just dirt and sweat but data and success."

Thanks to the On Farm Connectivity Program, you can have top of the range hardware supplied and installed at 50% off.

With iLogic4G+, you can utilize powerful 4G technology to connect your farm to fast internet through the On Farm Connectivity Program, even in areas where there is weak or no 4G signal.

Plus, you can have your whole farm connected in one seamless Wi-Fi mesh network.

We take care of it all, from your onsite pre-purchase test, to your installation and after-sales support. 

Onsite Test

A pre-installation onsite test will determine the internet speed you are likely to receive, so there's no guessing.

4G Internet Installation

Industrial grade 4G internet hardware configured by IT professionals and  installed by licensed Electricians.

Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

Connect your home, office, sheds, workers quarters, machinery sheds and more. to a seamless Wi-Fi network.

After sales support

Work with professionals who care about keeping you up and running and ensuring you experience minimal down-time.

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