The first time I helped a client get fast 4G home internet was actually one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

iLogic4G+ Onsite Test

Dear reader…


My name is Joe Glavic, and I've been in the IT space for more than 2 decades. Why on earth does someone who needs internet in a rural location need to listen to some IT geek rather than the overlord telco and internet service providers? 




Rewind 4 years…

I was faced with probably THE most confronting moment of my career. I'm an IT tech by trade, and have been for 2 decades. I was commissioned to do a huge Wi-Fi installation at a sprawling rural estate where the house was the size of three regular sized homes, site just outside of Portsea. Even though it was just a few minutes out of town, the internet connection was shocking.


So the deal was signed, the job was scoped out… and after 3 days of installing nearly $30k worth of comms hardware, it was time to flick the switch and power up the system. 


Plugged in, everything connected, and setup… I flicked the switch.


Then I turned it off, and back on again. Then off and on again…. 


I didn't know what had just happened, but the internet speeds we were getting were dismal.


I went and backtracked at each of the installation points to recheck the wiring and setup, and everything seemed perfect. But the signal we were getting was worse than what was already there.


After a month of back and forth, weeks of planning, three days of heavy lifting flights of stairs, and installing nearly $30k worth of the most innovative and expensive IT hardware, the internet speed needle barely moved an inch.


At that moment, I felt completely defeated, Like that was the end of my 2 decade long career. Everything that I believed about myself came into question. I did everything by the book. I was using the same methodology and systems used by the biggest multi-national corporations, using the most expensive imported technology, widely accepted as the cutting edge of innovation, and it all failed me miserably.

Being the type of guy that I am, I knew I had a choice, I could just give up, throw in the towel right then and there, and walk away from it all. Or, I could roll up my sleeves and get to the bottom of it.


And that's exactly what i did.


I went back to the drawing board, and stuck my head into all the literature, engineering documents and case studies from around the world.


After I began testing out a lot of what was spoken about, I quickly figured out a few very important things…


  1. That the recommended hardware setup for wireless internet was highly inefficient.

  2. That the hardware manufacturers were not aware of the full capabilities of the products they were making.

  3. And most importantly, due to the geographic layout of Australia and the way the population was spread out, typical 4G hardware was ineffective at servicing those people outside of the busy populated centres.


What I had also uncovered after all my research, and the changes in technology innovation over that past 2 years, is :


  1. That using the right equipment, setup and configuration, you can get way more out of the 4G network than what was previously thought possible.

  2. That you can get a signal in remote areas, but only if you could “reach” where the signal is.

  3. And that omni directional devices were not the optimal way to harness signals.


Using my two decade long experience and knowledge in the IT technology space, I went into my workshop… where I tested hundreds of combinations of hardware and software configurations. After months of testing, 7 days a week, till the early hours of the morning, I eventually landed at a combination that I felt might work.


Then I started going around to the most rural parts of Victoria to test out the system.


What happened next was about to change my life…


Once I set up the system, fired it up and did the speed tests, I could barely believe my eyes. I was getting upload and download speeds way exceeding the speeds I was getting at home with my cabled fibre internet.


And the ping rates... phenomenal!


I mean, here I was, 55km out of Bendigo, going onto the Telco websites and typing in the address, and it was telling me that 4G service was not available in that area. Yet, I fired up the system and I was able to watch Netflix in HD with ZERO BUFFERING.


I understood what was happening, but i couldn't believe it…

Fast forward 4 years, iLogic4GPlus is at the forefront of remote internet solution for homes, businesses and now the caravan industry. With our commitment to making sure we're a great fit for our clients, our rigourous remote and onsite testing process, our money back guarantee and 2 year warranties, and our good ol' Australian customer service, we have achieved and maintained a 100% 5 star Google review.

We know how challenging the day to day of running a business and life in general can be. Internet issues need not be one of them. We'd love to see if we can help you, the way we have helped hundreds of Australians, who now have rocket speed internet with the iLogic4G+ system.

Fantastic sales experience only outdone by the results we achieved!

After moving to Mornington Peninsula 12 months ago we have tried, ADLS2+, Satellite NBN and were looking at fibre options (which had exorbitant infrastructure upgrade costs attached to it), until we came across iLogic4G+. Joe, the onsite assessor and owner of the business was very technical and informative and the back end communication and sales process managed by Giada was seamless. I highly recommend this company to anyone having issues with Internet speeds. Very happy customer.


Justin - Arthurs Seat, Victoria