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  • How does this compare to Satellite, Fixed Wireless NBN, and other 4G hardware?
    The iLogic4G+ system delivers far superior results than traditional internet systems, in areas where the home is located too far from the Fixed Wireless NBN tower, or the home is obstructed by line of sight to the tower, and where Satellite NBN is not performing well due to an obstructed view of the sky. What's more, we guarantee our results.
  • I'm in an area where the 4G signal on my phone is very poor. Will this system still work for me?
    Yes. iLogic4G+ has completed many successful installations and has many happy customers in areas where the 4G phone signal is very weak, and often non existent. Our specialty is getting fast 4G internet in areas where a 4G signal is hard to find.
  • How do I get connected to the 4G network?
    After an onsite test has been conducted, we'll know exactly which 4G network you need to connect to. We'll then put you in contact with the right person at Optus, Telstra or Vodafone to ensure your connection is fast-tracked and you get signed up for the service you need. No waiting in cues or dealing with call centres.
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