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4G Internet Onsite Survey and Installation

A fast internet alternative to Fixed Wireless and Satellite NBN. Compatible with Optus, Telstra and Vodafone SIM cards.

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With iLogic4G+

Without iLogic4G+

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View our Vic Speed Map to see the internet speeds our customers are enjoying.

So, if you are tired of your unbearably slow internet connection.

It’s time you get a fast and reliable connection that makes life easier—not harder.

With our 4G internet solution, you’ll:

  • Stream movies in HD without constant buffering

  • Stop hearing complaints from your kids

  • No longer having to monitor how many people are using the internet at one time

  • Conduct professional video calls and conferences without freezing and dropping out

  • Have the ability to monitor your security cameras directly from your phone from anywhere in the world

  • Get in touch today and you’ll never need the refresh button again.

Book an onsite survey to find out exactly what internet speed we can get you.


Fill in the contact form. We'll be in touch by phone.


Speak with our friendly team and get your free digital speed assessment.


Book an onsite test with our resident 4G internet expert.


Meet us at your home for your onsite test. Prepare to be impressed.

Make an enquiry to see if we can help you.

Healesville, Vic

Freshwater Creek, Vic

Onsite Test Fees





If we can't get you fast internet… we refund your onsite test fee. No worries!

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