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Home Wi-Fi Installations

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi deadspots. Our Wi-Fi network installation is so good, you'll want to be everywhere at once.

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Our Wi-Fi system installations help people to get seamless and efficient Wi-Fi anywhere on their property, by installing a high-quality Wi-Fi hardware configured in a true mesh network.

Our installations are completely scalable to your small or large area needs and compatible with all satellite and terrestrial internet systems.

Make an enquiry to see if we can help you.

Ubiquiti Point-to-Point

Point to Point Wi-Fi

Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point systems create a wireless bridge to facilitate the internet connection between two or more remote locations, such as a shed and a house, or shed, house and studio, to one Wi-Fi network. They are a cost-effective and reliable solution and can be installed in one day.


Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points are weatherproof Wi-Fi devices specifically designed to provide large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage for patios and entertaining areas. They are also necessary for communicating with CCTV security and solar systems, as well as a wide range of IOT devices.

Ubiquiti Access Point

Indoor Wi-Fi

A properly setup Wi-Fi mesh network allows efficient and seamless connectivity throughout the entire house. This is especially important for large homes, and homes that have structural challenges like concrete walls as many off-the-shelf products won't deliver an evenly distributed Wi-Fi network.

Contact us today and enjoy a first-class Wi-Fi experience.

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