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Car Park Wi-Fi 

Keep your employees and visitors safe by ensuring they can connect to phone and internet in underground carparks.


Could your underground carpark be a liability?

For employees and visitors to your business, the underground carpark may be an inevitable part of their interaction with your business. Yet, for many buildings, the underground carpark is often the least safe place to be in. Not only are there obvious hazards like cars, but many underground carparks also lack 4G signals, making it difficult to communicate with emergency services.

Installing underground carpark Wi-Fi can be challenging, especially if you need to obtain body corporate approval, and the approval of your IT security team.


At iLogic4G+, we overcome these challenges by installing a completely independent Wi-Fi system connected to the internet via our 4G internet system, which is separate to the internet connection that your business runs off.

Our 4G internet is far more powerful than the capabilities of a mobile phone, so achieving high speed internet in places like underground carparks is easily done. 

The internet is then distributed throughout the carpark through the installation of Wi-Fi Access Points. The area to be covered can be as large or as small as required.

Contact us on 03 8790 6000 to discuss car park Wi-Fi that;

  • Is professionally installed

  • Is cost effective to setup and maintain

  • Is independent from your business Wi-Fi

  • Will keep employees and visitors to your business safe

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