Rocket speed 4G internet for your rural home or business - Australia wide.

Awesome speeds, or your money back!

Our unique combination of the most powerful, industrial grade 4G hardware and customized installation options means that low internet speeds, dropouts and Wi-Fi black spots are a thing of the past.

Dream home in the country or running a business out bush?

The reality is that the further out of the metro map you live, and the bigger your property, the harder it is to achieve great internet speed and great connectivity. The high prices and unreliability of satellite internet systems can be enough to make your hair turn grey…

What about the shocking installation of sub-par internet hardware? Not only does it fail to deliver the goods for rural Australians, but the lack of planning means that the crappy internet that does come in, doesn't reach everywhere you need it to!


So, even though you love waking up to the sound of the Kookaburras, the difficulties with connectivity can leave you feeling frustrated.

Fast, Dependable 4G Internet for Rural Australian Home and Business Owners 

With our unique hardware combination, configuration and setup of industrial grade hardware, reliable, fast internet is possible for you! 


Remote residential and business internet is now possible, using our high-gain directional antenna with the fully integrated industrial grade 4G router that can reach up to 50kms away to receive a 4G signal, even while penetrating some of the densest bush!


Plus, with a Wi-Fi network designed specifically for your requirements and your location, our bespoke internet solution means that you could be the first person on your street that can stream Netflix in your shed!

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Your internet nightmare
can finally be over
with the iLogic4G+

onsite diagnostic test.

If you want to be 100% certain that you will get the performance that you're after, 

claim your onsite diagnostic test today.


You can have all this done before you spend a cent on hardware or installation.  


After you have your onsite test, you will be empowered with the right information that you can finally get high speed, low-lag internet in outer-metro, regional and rural Australia.

Onsite diagnostic tests done by our qualified technicians include:


  • Onsite Speed Diagnostic Test run on our portable system, so you know exactly what download speed, upload speed and ping to expect.

  • End-to-end Wi-Fi coverage plan - so you can map out exactly where you want your new high-speed internet distributed to.

  • Side-by-side telco comparison -
    so you know exactly which SIM you'll need.

Compatible With:

What now?

  1. Enter your details into our onsite test request form and someone from our team will contact you to do an initial over the phone site survey using our state of the art software.

  2. Our team comes out to do a full diagnostic onsite test to demonstrate the system and show the speeds that can be achieved across each 4G telco provider. 

  3. Our installation team comes through within 7 days to install the new lightning fast internet system that you've been dreaming of.

Awesome speeds, or your money back!

Shellbourne, Victoria



Don’t waste another second being frustrated with slow internet speeds. Get these guys out to do a test and see what they can achieve for you. I have been working from home all year having to “pick my times” of the day just to barely function. We are now getting unbelievable speeds of up to 100mbps download and over 30upload. We are mind blown. The team have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Nothing too much trouble and very patient with a couple of very “non-tech” clients. Very grateful. Get around this people !!!!

Panton Hill, Victoria

I have had this product for just over a month now and its been flawless!


The team at iLogic4G+ were fantastic and were able to come out and show me the product and its performance before making a purchase. I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, there are lots of trees and hills, this product has been able to outperform ADSL and wireless NBN for upload and download speeds and consistent network connection. We also had 2 extra wireless access points installed which means we never lose wifi around the house. Great work guys and thanks again.

Gordon, Victoria

We couldn’t believe the scale of improvement.


We have had our slow satellite go from an average speed of 20 to over 90. Living on a 10 acres with a hill behind us and lots of trees thought we were doomed to slow internet I can’t recommend iLogic4G+ enough not only for the work they did and end result. Also being not very technically minded, Joe the technician explained everything very simply for me to understand, he was very professional, polite, along with the office staff. Yes it did come at a cost, but we decided not to skimp on exactly what we needed. We had 2 points installed in the house and 1 outside allowing us optimum coverage both inside and out including a separate sunroom and sheds.

The fine print

*Onsite tests are 100% refundable if we cannot get you great internet speed.

Aaaaaaaand we give you 50% of the onsite test amount back when you book in an installation.




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