It is our mission to bring you high-speed internet. 

We hear you! You're sick of being told there's nothing that can be done to get better internet and we'd love nothing more than to help you.

If you book a risk free onsite test with us, you'll have complete clarity over whether a 4G antenna can help you in getting 4G internet for your property. We test every possible 4G tower, in every possible direction.

Australia has over 20,000 4G-LTE towers. Our purpose-built antennas are powerful enough to find 4G signals from many kilometres away, and often the highest reading may not come from the closest and most obvious tower.


Booking an onsite test with us is risk free, because, if our system fails to achieve a result at your property, then we will refund the money you have paid for your test. 

We give you complete clarity.

Your onsite test will give you complete clarity regarding your options when it comes to receiving internet at your property through the 4G network.

Our team will arrive as scheduled, and begin by setting up the temporary testing equipment. Our testing equipment is non-invasive and won't interrupt your existing internet connection, so you can continue with your normal activities.

Once an appropriate reading has been achieved, our team will demonstrate the reading to you by performing several speed tests. 

Our team will then discuss your options for installing Ubiquiti WiFi mesh, depending on how much coverage you are aiming for. We can work with requirements of all sizes, from small home set ups, all the way through to multiple building connectivity for sheds, bungalows, studios and onsite offices.

A summary of your onsite consultation and a quote to install your antenna will be emailed to you within 24 hours of our visit. 

Onsite test booking form


(Please note that all requests for onsite tests will be confirmed by email. If we cannot accomodate your requested date/time, we will do our best to find another convenient time)

Whilst we don't conduct free onsite testing, our onsite tests are risk free, as you are entitled to a full refund if our onsite test fails to deliver any results.


Thanks for your booking! We'll be in touch very soon to confirm your test date and time.