Harness the power of the 4G network with an iLogic4G+ antenna mounted on your roof.  

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Is high-speed internet a myth where you live?

For the nearly 1.4 millions Victorians living outside the Metropolitan map, living with slow internet speeds can be a daily struggle.

An iLogic4G+ antenna could be the solution to your slow and non-responsive internet problems.

We imagined a world in which you'd be in control of your internet speeds.


iLogic4G+ is delivering innovative internet solutions for people who live and work in outer Metro, Regional, and Rural Australia.

Our professionally fitted and purpose built antennas get internet to your property through the 4G network, even when your existing 4G signal is weak and even if you've been told that your only option is satellite.

But our world-class service doesn't just stop there.

We work with you to get your whole property connected to a seamless WiFi mesh, so that you can access internet to your whole home, including your sheds, pool areas, and any other external buildings.

Whether you're a home owner, or a business owner, if you currently struggle with your internet speeds, we can help you.

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you buy. 

Meet our real-life
Out There Internet road-testers.


Our friends Matt and Jill are heading off on a journey around Australia in their camper. We've set up their camper with our soon-to-be-release Out There Internet system so they can work, road-school their children and stay connected with friends and family while they are venturing off the beaten track. You can follow their adventures here and see exactly what speeds they get and where!