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Week 7 - Fowlers Bay - a beautiful spot with almost no internet (until now of course)!

Updated: Apr 21

We were eager to start our journey on the Nullabor, so we stopped at Fowlers Bay for just one night and after the hustle and bustle of Perlubie Beach, it felt extra quiet!

Before arriving we were warned about the limited internet at Fowlers Bay, but with our new found confidence in the iLogic4G+ system, we weren't concerned.

The soft dunes made for a somewhat tricky journey, and after nearly getting bogged coming over a dune, we were really happy to find a great spot and start our quick overnight set up.

With a little daylight left, we ventured out to the rock pools to try our hand at fishing for crabs. Our fishing game isn't very strong, so as usual we came back with nothing, but we were so glad that we took the time to go out as we stumbled across the only other campers in the area, who happened to be some of the new friends we had made at Perlubie Beach!

It was so lovely to have our very own little travelling community.

Telstra proved the winner in this spot, giving us over 30mbps of download speeds. Had we have stayed longer, we would have been able to easily work and get lots of homeschooling done, which I suspect is something that hasn't been done at Fowlers Bay before!

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