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Say hello to our road testers, Jill and Matt!

Hi there!

Jill and Matt here! We've been invited by the team at iLogic4G+ to road-test their plug 'n' play high-speed internet system as we travel around in our camper, over the next 12 months.

Here's a bit about us...

We’re off for take two of our lap around Australia. Unfortunately COVID ruined our trip last year (like it ruined so many things for so many people) but on the bright side, with the extra time that came with the COVID lockdowns, so did a few more opportunities.

I’m truly grateful to be able to spend the year travelling our beautiful country, enjoying quality time with my partner Matt, homeschooling our 2 daughters Tiana aged 10 and Holly age 7 and being in a truly lucky situation to be able to work part time while doing so.

Being able to work while travelling requires not only a career flexible enough to do so but it also requires adequate internet connectivity. And yes, I know we’re the lucky country but let’s be honest internet connection is not so great in metropolitan areas let alone remote coastal and outback locations!

With that extra time the COVID lockdowns created, we were introduced to the iLogic4G+ system. It all started when Matt met Joe (from iLogic4G+) online as they both own the same type of camper. From there they realised they have both created truly unique products that genuinely help a lot of people. Matt with his Outback Ensuite and Joe with the iLogic4G+ system that we will be using all year to maximise our internet connectivity.

We’d love to share with you our journey, and exactly how useful the iLogic4G+ system can be. As we arrive at each camp, we'll be setting up the system (it should only take a few minutes) and testing the speeds we get. We'll report back on where we've been and how well the iLogic4G+ system has performed in that location, compared to the internet through our phones.

As I mentioned earlier, internet is really important for me to be able to keep up with my work while we are away, so I'm really counting on it!

Stay tuned for our adventures :-)

Matt & Jill

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