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Week 2 - Chinaman's Creek, South Australia

Updated: Apr 24

Jill and Matt here! All the way from Chinaman's Creek, about half an hours drive south of Port Augusta. This place is pretty idillic!

We've found ourselves a beautiful free camp spot on a tidal inlet. The tide was high enough at midday for us to get out on the paddle boards and explore. They were also high enough overnight to be just the spot to catch some crabs. Although the internet connectivity was not terrible at Chinaman's Creek I certainly learned my lesson about what I can achieve with faster internet!

You see, I had to send an email with a large document attached and as a result it was being very very slow 🐌 .As it was dinner time I thought, that’s fine, I'll let it run slow without connecting the iLogic4G+ system, take my laptop outside and keep an eye on it while I prepare dinner to make sure it goes through.

I needed to put all my herbs and spices into my Nutri Bullet to be finely chopped which required me plugging it into the inverter in the back of the car. It worked a treat and smelled sensational! Meanwhile, I was still running between the Nutri bullet, my laptop, and the other part of the dish on the stove.

The email went through, (finally at least 20 minutes later!) dinner was cooked and we were just sitting down to eat. I certainly was a little flustered during dinner prep from juggling too many things. As we were eating, I looked up and realised I forgot to add the chopped herbs and spices to the dinner! 🤦‍♀️

It was the perfect reminder I needed to practice what I preach and engage in mindfulness (one of the webinars I run is on mindfulness) – voluntary simplicity and mono-tasking.

Fact: Research suggests mono-tasking reduces our stress levels, we have more attention to detail and we make less mistakes!

I really should have turned on the iLogic4G+ sent the email in a heartbeat, turned off my laptop and then got dinner ready. Oh well, we live and learn!

One of the best things about this system is that we can swap out the sim cards as we like, so if one telco outperforms the other, we can just use their sim.

And here are the Telstra result. A really noticeable improvement, which probably would have prevented me from stuffing up dinner!

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