Sshh... there's a secret to getting high speed 4G home internet.

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Your worst nightmare come true. Getting your 'awesome' new internet gear, only to come home, set it up, switch it on and…

Zilch. Zero. Sweet FA

The new gear you just spent a bucket on, doesn't cut the mustard!

Well, thats the club of thousands of Australians that you want to avoid. (Don't be like them)

"Unless you do an onsite test, you could be in for an expensive
guessing game!"

Okay, so how does the Onsite Test work?

  • Once you've entered your details on the form below, one of our team will be in touch by phone.

  • We'll do an over the phone digital survey using our bloody expensive software, which will tell us with around 80% accuracy whether we can get those sky-high internet speeds you're chasing.

  • If you're up for it, we'll book in an onsite test time with one of our over-qualified technicians.

  • Your techie will arrive onsite, set up all the equipment, and once they've started testing, within around 30 minutes you'll find out exactly what speeds you can expect and whether the speeds are coming from an Optus, Telstra or Vodafone tower. 

  • If you've opted for a Wi-Fi mesh, then your techie will spend another 45 minutes or so assessing your property with you, to create your ideal Wi-Fi plan.

  • Around 24 hours after your onsite test, you'll receive a detailed email, showing the best results achieved on the day, and some scalable options for getting Wi-Fi to the areas you want.

Healesville, Vic

Freshwater Creek, Vic

Onsite Test Fees






If we can't get you awesome internet speeds… we refund your onsite test fee! No worries!

Plus, if you book in to have your system installed… then you'll get 50% of your onsite test fee back!

Being the envy of your entire street lays on the other side of filling out this form.

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