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If you need reliable internet access while you're travelling in your Caravan, look no further.

Two external SIM slots

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Mount on your Caravan or Camper to get high-speed 4G internet from towers up to 35km away. 

Comes with one Ubiquiti Wi-Fi dish for long distance Wi-Fi coverage, plus your choice of designer cover.

Easy Plug and Play set up.

Compatible with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone SIMS.

Easy external SIM storage and swapping.

Plug into 240V or into an inverter.

Roam freely away from your caravan and stay connected to Wi-Fi for up to 50 metres.

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iLogic4G+ Antenna
Clipsal IP34 Custom RJ45 Caravan Outlet
Caravan POE Injectors with custom mounting bracket
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Nano HD Access Point Covers
What's in the kit?
iLogic4G+ Outdoor Directional Antenna and Router
IP34 custom-made RJ45 Outlet
Twin POE Injectors with custom mounting bracket
Ubiquiti Nano HD Indoor Wi-Fi dish with your choice of designer cover
Indoor and Outdoor Cables
Add ons - Coming Soon
Custom-made 3.5 metre Galvanised Steel extendable pole with quick release sleeve
Drawbar or rear bar mounting bracket

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We're building a community of travellers, with one common purpose - to help one another stay safe and stay connected.
When you purchase an Out There Internet kit, you'll get access to the Out There Internet App, where you can;


  • Interact with other users of Out There Internet and benefit from their experiences with Out There Internet.

  • Learn where you can go and what speeds you can get in many different places

  • Help other travellers discover more places to go.

  • Win prizes for uploading your speed tests!

  • Interact with us through our website and social media pages.

  • Get help at the click of a button.

You'll be helping other travellers to feel confident in venturing off the beaten track and benefit from their experiences too.


Meet the people who road-tested Out There Internet.


Our friends Matt and Jill are heading off on a journey around Australia in their camper. We've set up their camper with an Out There Internet system so they can work, home-school their children and stay connected with friends and family while they are touring regional towns and remote areas on their 'big lap'. You can follow their adventures here and see exactly where they go and what speeds they get!


How does the iLogic4G+ Out There Internet system work?

The iLogic4G+ Out There Internet system works by finding and amplifying signals from Optus, Telstra or Vodafone 4G towers. When paired with the power of the Ubiquiti Nano HD Wi-Fi device, the end result is fast internet with an amazing Wi-Fi range that you can use in an around your camper or caravan. 

What kind of improvement in internet speeds can I expect?

We don't mean to brag, but the iLogic4G+ Out There Internet system has a reputation for delivering great speeds where you least expect it. Even when the 4G signal on your phone is weak an unreliable, the iLogic4G+ Out There Internet system can produce fast and reliable internet.

Is this a booster?

No. The iLogic4G+ Out There Internet kit is not a booster, it is a directional antenna with an inbuilt router (aka modem). All products in the kit are ACMA Approved.

What size inverter do I need?

We recommend a 300watt inverter. These can be easily picked up from any camping store around Australia.

How much power does the system draw?

The iLogic4G+ Out There Internet system is designed for off-grid use. When connected to a 350W inverter, the system draws a minimal 1.5 amps per hour.

What is the range of the Wi-Fi?

The ​kit comes with one Ubiquiti Nano HD Wi-Fi device. It is estimated to have a Wi-Fi range of up to 50 metres.

How do I know if it will work where I'm going?

There are several ways you can find out if the iLogic4G+ system will work where you are going. 

  • Download our Out There Internet App for every update on where other travellers have been using their Out There Internet system. 

  • Check the RFNSA website to see how far you will be from a 4G tower:

  • Download the Aus Phone Towers app.

What after-sales support is available?

Our team is available to answer your questions from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can also easily contact us through the App.

How much is shipping?

Shipping Australia wide is $74.95. This includes insurance for your parcel.

What is the warranty on the kit?

  • The iLogic4G+ Antenna comes with a 24 month warranty.

  • The Ubiquiti Nano ND Wi-Fi comes with it's own 24-month warranty. You can view the Ubiquiti warranty terms here;

Can I install the kit myself or does it have to be done by a professional?

Depending on where you install the internal hardware, the iLogic4G+ Out There Internet kit may not need professional installation, but if you are unsure, we recommend seeking assistance from an Automotive Electrician. You can also contact us for assistance with installation.